• What Your New Website Needs for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    A new website that does not have features for Search Engine Optimisation is like a new house without an address. It exists but is very very difficult to find. Search Engine Optimisation, abbreviated as SEO, is everything that you do to get your website to appear high up in a search engine results page. Read

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  • Why Twitter is Good for your Business

    Why is Twitter good for your business? If you are still unsure whether Twitter is worth your time, this blog will give you a few examples of of some of the basics in Twitter and how it could benefit your business…

  • How to Drive Traffic to a New Website

    While traffic on the road makes you late, bored and frustrated, traffic to your website makes you right on time for many new opportunities. A lot of work goes in to creating a new website.  Once it finally goes live that’s when you can sit back and relax. Right?  Bu-bum. Actually that’s when you need

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  • Why All New Websites Must Have a Content Management System (CMS)

    Having access to a Content Management System allows you to update your web content yourself, whenever you need to. Imagine you’ve moved into a new house, positioned the furniture and made the rooms welcoming and comfortable.  You put a lot of time and energy into getting your chairs, tables, TV, candles and other belongings in

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  • Not Sure What To Do With Your Website? Try The Five Step Website Check

    If the purpose of your website is to generate enquiries or sales for your company, review your website as if you were a visitor seeing it for the first time and answer these questions

  • 4 More Ways to Make Money from Your Website

    Carrying on from the previous post 3 Ways to Make Money from Your Website here are another 4 popular ways to generate income from your website…

  • 3 Ways to Make Money from Your Website

    Your website can generate revenue in many ways, however most small business people only consider the advertising model in their planning (more on this below).  Take the time to understand the options prior to designing or upgrading your website. Here is a list of 3 of the most popular ways to make money from your

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  • Business Networking Groups in Australia

    Business Networking Groups and Events are a great way to make new contacts that can help grow your business. Check out this list of Business Networking Groups in Australia.  You’re welcome to email me if there are any groups or events that should be added. http://bit.ly/BizGroups

  • The Secret to Getting Repeat Visitors to your Website

    I have started working with two small businesses that both have the same disappointment around their websites; people seldom subscribe and they seldom repeat the visit no matter how much traffic they have. This seems to be a common problem with many small business owners which can be extremely detrimental to the growth of your

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  • Tips for Facebook and Linked In

    Note: So much has happened in social media land that the Facebook related content in this post is no longer very useful.   Here are some basic tips for a couple of the SMM applications that I use for business benefit – Linked in and Facebook. These are not rocket science but I have found

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