• To Comment, or Not To Comment; That is the Question.

    To read is human, to comment divine! Ok, ok, ok, maybe that’s going a little too far… Do links in blog comments have value for search engine optimisation (SEO)? I started writing this post to discuss the value of adding comments to blog posts, including the fact that by adding your website address to the

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  • Crap Websitis… Get a website medical with the Grassroots team

    Even if you website looks great you may be suffering from Crap Websitis (The Craps) a painful affliction that many business owners have learnt to live with because they didn’t know who they could turn to… who they could trust to help them find a cure. Find out the symptoms and treatments in this blog…

  • Gotta Have a Website Monitoring Tool

    If you can’t measure it, did it really happen? Loads of website owners have a website but don’t have information about how it’s performing. If that’s the case, how will you ever know if its worth your time and effort? Gotta have a website monitoring tool!

  • Why you need Kick-Ass SEO (even if you don’t know what SEO is)

    This is a message that I got from my business partner Mel (aka Search-Mel) the other day… We got our first true organic visitor today who searched for “website strategy courses”. And for “internet strategy courses” – we are on page one for the whole world!! Mel, in 6 weeks, has succeeded in getting our

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  • How to Avoid Twitter’s 7 Deadly Sins

    Twitter gives businesses and start ups a fabulous opportunity to be seen globally and create personal connections with customers and potential customers, if you don’t understand what works in Twitter you can unwittingly commit some of the seven deadly sins…

  • The Reason Why New Websites Fail

    If a website fails on the internet and doesn’t make a sound, is any body listening?

  • 3 Great Reasons Why Your New Website Needs a Blog

    The road to website success is paved by content sharing. Even if you’ve only scratched the surface of all the information that’s available about creating a new website, you’ll know there are a lot of options to choose from, depending upon what the purpose of your website is. Whatever the purpose, pretty much everyone wants

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  • Why you need Twitter as well as Facebook for business

    I already have Facebook, why do I need Twitter as well? This question is asked so often that I have written a blog to answer the question once and for all…