• Finding your Perfect Match: Keywords to Share Your Life With

    Finding your perfect match, a partner to share your life with, is easy, right? Nope. In reality it can take some time and effort. Some people take just as much time to find their perfect keyword match type for their Google AdWords campaigns. This article will point you in the direction of your keyword life

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  • 11 Top Tips for Building Credibility Using Testimonials.

    Using testimonials on your website brings personality and credibility to your products and services, so include testimonials as part of your website plan. Once people have ascertained that you provide the service or product they are looking for, they will look to establish your credibility when deciding whether they wish to do business with you.

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  • 5 Tips for Smart Email Marketing

    smart email marketing

    Treat your email subscribers like gold. Only ever send them high quality, high value email communications. Sending an email to a list of “opt-in” subscribers is a relative cheap way to market your business. Often, getting the email ready takes more work than you planned and you get to the point of “we just need

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  • Adding Keywords to your Website or Blog – Part 2: Where to add Keywords

    In my previous post, Adding Keywords to your Website or Blog – Part 1 we reviewed why keywords are important and how to figure out which keywords to use for your website or blog.  Now we’ll look at adding keywords to your web copy.

  • Adding Keywords to Your Website or Blog – Part 1 Keyword Research

    “Adding Keywords in All the Right Places” is one of my favourite songs… whoops, sorry, that song was “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places”. Clearly I’m far more of a keyword nerd than I realised, better start fresh 🙂

  • Follow and get followed on Twitter

    Why follow in Twitter? The number one way to get more followers is to follow people. Basically the more people you follow, the more people will follow you back and the more people that follow you, the bigger your voice. See this blog for more details…

  • Know your Website Analytics; Have Active Website Visitors Who Keep Coming Back.

    As an Australian who has lived overseas and has relatives and friends in a lot places, I get a lot of visitors.  Sound familiar? People stop by and hang out. Sometimes they stay for a while.  Particularly the visitors that travel from Europe or the UK, who feel they should stay for a long time

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  • How to work with Graphic Designers

    It is exciting to have an idea in your head for your logo, website or advertisements that a good designer makes into a visible concept (usually better than your original idea!).

    The unfortunate reality however is that I often see problems between business owners and designers due to lack of communication or unrealistic expectations…