• 5 Tips for How to Write a Good Tweet on Twitter

    On Twitter, tweets allow you to share information with your followers. Like a good headline, a well-written tweet needs to grab people’s attention and compel them to act.

  • Put Yourself on the Google Map! Create a Google Places Listing.

    Want your business to come up next to the Google Map when people search on your keywords in your local area?  Increase your presence in local Google search results by creating a listing in Google Places (formerly called the Google Local Business Centre.)

  • 7 Tips for How to Choose a Domain Name

    A domain is a URL, or web address, where a website can be found on the internet. Your domain name is part of your brand and impacts how easily people will be able to find your website so choose a domain name carefully.

  • 3 Reasons to Love LinkedIn for Business

    More than 50 million business people around the world use LinkedIn. Like all social networking tools, what you get out of it depends on what you put in and how you interact with other users. LinkedIn has many uses. Three of my favourites are that it helps you stay connected to your network of contacts,

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  • Viral Marketing… How to Get Noticed and Save the Planet

    Viral marketing is a term that is bandied around as the holy grail of marketing, but what is it and how does it work? The term viral marketing refers to communications that are spread “virally” from person to person by word of mouth. This can be in person or through the wonderful World Wide Web.

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  • 6 Smart Ways To Collect Information From Your Website Visitors

    Regardless of your objectives one of the key goals of your website should always be to collect information (contact details) from people who visit your website. Although this can be overlooked in the quest for sales and sales leads, collecting information is important because if you have a person’s contact details and they subscribe to

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  • How many Skills does it take to make a Website?

    When you think about getting a new website, what skills do you think are needed?  Web Design. Check. Web Development. Check. You don’t want any old website though. I’m sure you want one that attracts loads of visitors, makes loads of money, has loads of members or generates loads of enquiries for your business.

  • 7 Targeted Tips for Marketing your Website Online

    Have website hear me roar. I built it so they will come. Right? Sure. Definitely. Probably. Maybe. Not likely. Where are they? When are they coming? How long do I wait? Whether you’re planning a new website or have a well established website, just having it there won’t magically benefit your business.  You need to

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  • Know Your Google Analytics Website Traffic Sources

    web traffic sources

    When people visit your house they might come directly to your address, they might go somewhere else first, they may have searched for your place on a map or perhaps they paid a cabby to get there. There are similar ways for people to get to your website.  Understanding the sources of your website traffic

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  • 5 Ideas for Increasing your Revenue and Reach Using Business Partnerships

    For a small business the benefits of creating smart partnerships and joint ventures can be HUGE! Here are some ideas for creating smart business partnerships that can increase visitors and sales beautifully.