• Online Marketing Tips from 5 Business Rock Stars

    We are really excited to be putting this article together today, full of information that has been provided by our Business Rock Stars and supporters as part of the Websites Rock Festival. You can implement these tips immediately to super charge your online marketing.

  • 3 Quick Ways to Make Sure your Website Visitors Stick Around

    On the web, content is king. Sharing high quality content is one of the key ways to build a successful website. But, no matter how great your content is, if your visitors can’t get comfortable because your copy is hard to read, they won’t stick around.  

  • Google: Find out What’s New and What it Means for You

    Like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, many things evolve and are constantly ch-ch-ch-ch-changing! That’s certainly true for Google lately. There has been a number of changes to the information that you see when you do a Google search.  This article gives an overview of the changes, and what they mean for you and your

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  • Social Media Addiction. Think I’m on the Brink. How about you?

    *** This article was originally written at the end of 2010 but now it’s probably more relevant than ever. And the video is still funny if you have a few minutes to watch it*** I’m on holidays this week so I’ve had more time than usual to mess around on Social Media, particularly Facebook. I’ve

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  • How to use Twitter Lists – Video

    Video time! If you use Twitter and you haven’t figured out the lists yet this video is for you… (no video? try this link) Twitter Lists help you organise groups of Twitter users. For example, if you are following a lot of people your Twitter feed can get saturated with a lot of information, but

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  • You say Pot-a-to, I say Pot-ah-toe, Let’s call the whole thing a business partnership

    Instead of internet strategy and online marketing tips, today we wanted to tell you a little bit more about us, and why we’re so passionate about helping to make the web world a better place for small business owners.

  • How to use Twitter like a Pro

    Our recent survey showed that 47% of respondents aren’t confident in using Twitter as a method of online marketing. <Serena> Arrghhhh! We would like to help you become more confident!! Because we have experience with what a

  • Who would you lose contact with if Facebook went away?

    The movie “The Social Network” opened in Australia this week (sure, sometimes we’re a little behind the US and Europe). It tells the story of the founders of Facebook and how the social network that is now worth 25 billion dollars got started. If you haven’t seen it, this review by the Australian Movie Show

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