• Website Navigation: Don’t Leave Me Lost

    This article was written while I was on holidays in Queensland, taking a break from the Melbourne Winter. As I’m not familiar with the roads in Queensland, I am relying on the presence of clear, logical road signs to get straight to where I want to go.  Website navigation* should be similar; simple, clear and

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  • 7 Ideas for Awesome Blog Content

    So you have committed to writing a blog. Whether it is daily or weekly the question is always the same… what do I write about? What can I write that is different, useful, valuable or entertaining? What will make me stand out? If this is you, you are in luck because here are 7 ideas

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  • 10 Steps to Fast Track your Blogging Success

    Getting the benefits of a blog doesn’t happen overnight. It takes ongoing time, energy and online marketing skills. But when you’re starting out with your first blog, the commitment required can be quite daunting. This step-by-step list will help you set your priorities and get on the fast track to blogging success.

  • Your Facebook for business questions answered

    We have been getting a lot of Facebook questions lately, so I thought I would take a moment to answer some of the more common one’s for you. How do I interact from my Page? Your page is your profile for your business. An