• Video for Business: Using a Presenter vs. Mere Mortals

    tv presenter

    It’s understandable that many business people baulk at appearing on camera. Most of us believe that being in front of the lens is something best left to professionals; those who posses a magical element (and good looks!) that mere mortals lack. Yet, take a closer look – what is the key difference between these professionals and

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  • Top 7 Tips For Website Success


    Having presented on the ‘Essential Elements of Website Success‘ in the Grassroots Website Boot Camp I thought it would be useful to share my top 7 tips for those who haven’t seen the webinar. My top tips of website success are things you can do yourself – you don’t necessarily need big budgets or a web

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  • What is a “Gravatar” and Why do you Need one?

    Unknown Person Avatar

    Have you heard of the term “Gravatar”? What is it and do you need one? Well, okay.  No, it’s not some character out of the successful Avatar movie, although perhaps in a way, it is kind of substantiated in its effect. Have you ever been reading a blog post and then gone to leave your

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  • The Secret To Why A Good Copywriter Does More Than Write Good Copy

    Superhero Copywriter

    To write effective marketing campaigns, campaigns that really connect with people and drive them to action, a copywriter needs to understand your business, your marketing goals and your target market. They need to understand the values your business holds dear and what makes you unique. All of this information forms the foundations of your business

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  • Introducing our awesome new Web Peeps!

    Web Peeps Feature Image

    We are rather excited to introduce to you, the next generation in Grassroots Land… Web Peeps! Our Web Peeps are an amazing team of awesome, talented wonderful people we have hand picked to help you take your website business further than ever! (did we mention amazing?!) The Web Peeps are people that we’ve worked with over

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