• Why Your Website Call To Action Sucks

    Road Sign - One Way

    A checklist for effective call to actions. You’ve probably heard the term ‘call to action’ mentioned when anyone talks about effective marketing and websites. A call to action is a suggested action that guides people towards an outcome. It’s a clear direction, unambiguous and direct and it’s one of the factors behind driving real action

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  • How to Make your Web Content Look Neat in a Tweet

    This article was written in January 2012, when the Australian Open was in full swing in Melbourne. As a huge tennis fan I was adding loads of new content to my tennis blog and also sharing other people’s content regularly via Twitter. Several times I wanted to share articles that I enjoyed reading but gave

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  • Secret Web Biz – The live recording is out!

    Last year we had the pleasure of working with Karl Staib from Party Biz Connect who runs Twitter parties. The whole concept of Twitter parties was new to us (and everyone else!), but we were excited at figuring out how it would work for our Grassroots community. The result was something that was really quite

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  • Using Inspect Element or Firebug to peek behind the scenes of your WordPress website

    Inspect Element

    Have you ever been frustrated by the way something appears on your website? Perhaps you thought some text was going to be green, but it actually looks red. Or perhaps you formatted text to be aligned to the left, but it’s actually centred. Maybe an image has an ugly-coloured border around it that you didn’t

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  • Protect your website with the right Terms and Conditions

    Website Terms and Conditions Blog Image

    As a website owner, you want people to visit your site and make use of the information you provide. However, you also want to make sure that people using your site are using it appropriately and properly. Given your website is in the public domain, you should also ensure that you are properly protected from

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  • 12 reasons to have a Facebook page

    I talk to a lot of people who either have a Facebook page for their business or who are thinking about getting one.  The one thing that often stands out to me is that people don’t know why they have a page.  The reason they give when asked can be “I was told to” or

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