• How to Build a Rock Solid Foundation for Website Success

    When Serena and I revamped this website a few months back we put together these three pillars for effective online marketing that lead to website success. We’ve just spent two days planning new things for Grassroots for the next six months or so and we revisited the pillars to help get focused and put our

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  • Which 3 Tools Could You Not Live Without?

    coffee in a cup

    We’re creating a series of articles containing snippets of information from each of our Web Peeps. These articles will help you get to know the Web Peeps a little better and will also give you ideas to use in your own business.

  • Are you Reaching the Friends of your Facebook Page Likers?

    Like This on Facebook

    Did you know that the content on Facebook is primarily consumed within the LIKER’s newsfeed, rather than on the page?  Plus, Facebook has found that if a brand posts five days out of seven only 16% of its fans will see the content.  All of this of course strengthens the case for writing engaging posts.

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  • How to Protect Your Business Name

    A Business Name is not just the name under which you operate your business: your business name is a valuable asset and integral to the operation of your business. Clients relate to your name, the market recognises your product by name and you are often synonymous with your business name. Here’s how to protect your

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  • Are Daily Deals and Special Offers Really Good for Business?

    special offer

    I’m a big fan of taking advantage of special offers and promotions, but recently a few bad experiences have left me thinking that I would prefer to pay full price and receive the high level of service that I expected, rather than the bad service that I got.

  • Google Analytics: How to Set Benchmarks for your Website

    I’ve been meeting with new clients recently to review their Google Analytics data and use it to help create an online marketing strategy for the year and I regularly get asked the same question; “how do I know how well my website is performing?” This is my answer…

  • Creating Newsletters with Mailchimp… Your very own personal publishing platform

    So you’re in business and you have a list of email addresses – clients, contacts, past customers… and maybe you aren’t doing too much with them. Perhaps they are sitting in an excel spreadsheet by the wayside, perhaps they are just business cards thrown in your desk drawer – or perhaps they are just contacts

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  • Why you should care about responsive web design

    Sure, web design and development might be a little over your head. Maybe you forked out for a designer to build your site, maybe you bought a premium theme or use a free one. Maybe you’ve heard this buzzword “responsive design” being bandied about here and there. But what has it got to do with

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