• Understanding WordPress themes

    wordpress logo

    These days, many websites run on WordPress.org. And for good reason. Along with a host of other benefits, the theming structure of WordPress means that website owners have a lot of control over how their site looks. And (with care!), they can change the look of their site just by uploading a new theme.

  • Are you making the most of the opportunities from your blog?

    When you start your blog it’s likely that you’ll have specific goals in mind that you’d like to achieve. But sometimes along the way new opportunities come up that you didn’t expect. Some of them will excite you and feel right so you’ll be comfortable to follow them through.  Then there are other opportunities that

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  • 5 Things you’ll no longer do after about 6 months of blogging

    My approach to blogging is that it’s really difficult to know everything there is to know, so it’s better to take the view of “I’m always learning”. The keys to success are knowing your goals, implementing marketing activities, measuring the results, testing different things and making changes where needed. And always be learning along the

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  • How to run your website from the Caribbean

    It has been three months since I started managing my blogs and business from the road. We are spending 12-18 months in Latin America aiming to see as much of it as possible in that time. My office environment now consists of random desks, couches, benches, beds and tables both indoors and outdoors. My husband

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