• The things you MUST consider for your Home-Based Business!

    Most small businesses start out as home-based businesses, with nearly one million people running their business from home. This lifestyle offers fantastic flexibility and convenience, however also comes with some compliance risks and obligations. Before embarking on a home-based business, make sure you understand your compliance obligations, such as licensing requirements, business registration, taxation, employment,

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  • How to add some excitement to your blog posts

    Excited businessman

    When you start blogging regularly, it’s tempting to put down every thought you’ve ever had on a particular subject. When you do that, your blog posts tend to look like what they are – great long streams of consciousness with sentences that go on for days. If you want to make your blog posts inviting

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  • 5 Reasons why people hope they never have to go back to your website

    I’m currently in the US and have been searching online for a lot of information about the cities that I’m visiting for the first time; information on things to see and do, places to eat, shopping malls, how the public transport works, how to get a pre-paid sim card and lots of other stuff. I’ve

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