• 5 More Website Mistakes that Still Happen Way Too Often (and How to Fix Them)

    Avoid making these website mistakes and you’ll increase your chances of generating opportunities via your website.

  • 7 incredibly effective ways to repurpose old blog posts

    Recycle image to reuse old blog posts

    If you’ve been blogging for a while you probably have quite a stockpile of interesting and useful posts. Well that’s the aim anyway! But how often do you read your old blog posts? If you forget about them once they’re published you’re missing out on a gold mine of content marketing opportunity! Here are seven

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  • Gold nuggets from the 2012 Problogger Training Event

    The ProBlogger Training event was held in Melbourne recently. I went in 2011 and 2010 and although I couldn’t make it this year, I loved reading the tweets and articles that other bloggers shared about the event. Here are some articles that cover the good stuff, plus the “gold nuggets” of information that I think

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  • What every local business owner needs to know about Apple Maps

    Apple Maps are now being used instead of Google Maps by iPhone and iPad users. In this article you’ll discover: Why every local business owner needs to care about Apple Maps How to check if your business is listed How to Report the Problem if the listing is wrong How to Report the Problem if

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  • Why create an online course?

    So, I’ve just finished creating my first online course. Called Step-by-Step WordPress: Basics and Beyond, it’s a training product aimed at creatives or small business owners who want to learn more about WordPress than just blogging. It covers all aspects, from installing and setting up WordPress, to designing, coding and troubleshooting. Pulling it all together

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  • How to write with more authority and credibility

    How great would it feel if you made a few simple tweaks to your writing to give you more credibility and authority in your business? I know, silly question. It would feel great. And the BEST part is, they are surprisingly simple. You don’t need to be Shakespeare – you just need to be aware

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