• 3 Simple Tips for Looking Like a Pro in Your Online Video

    Terrified of not looking your best in your video?  Or looking like you don’t know what you’re doing? You’re so worried about looking like an amateur, you’re thinking of hiring a spokesperson to do it! Well, yeah, they’ll look pretty, but you know what…they won’t be you! I know you might have some worries about

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  • An All-You-Can-Read Smorgasborg of Web Content and Usability Tips

      Having both Belinda Weaver from Copywrite Matters and Miss Sassy of sassywebwords.com as Web Peeps this year means that we’ve been able to share sensational articles on topics related to web content and usability. In the spirit of Christmas (scary thought but it is coming soon!), here is an All-You-Can-Read Smorgasborg of articles from 2012

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  • How to Look Natural When You Present in an Online Video

    Have you noticed how many successful businesses are using video online to create a presence and build their profile, personal brand, products or services? The power of video presentations to accelerate your business marketing is undisputed.  In a crowded internet market, it’s already proving to be the best way to create brand awareness and recognition

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  • 5 Things You Should Know About Your Brand

    business brand

    This article is a guest blog by Leah Klugt of The Golden Goose, a small business brand consultant who can give you a golden feather that is the start of something magical.  We’re now in an age where purchases are made based on emotions, brand story and brand personality. No longer is there one local grocery

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  • Imagine if the whole world was like good web copy…

    good web copy is clear and easy to understand

    Good web copy is nicely laid out and easy to skim read. Good web copy is clear and easy to understand. Good web copy gives you the information you need and lets you know what to do next. Imagine if the whole world was like that…

  • Case study: How writing topical blogs can bring you fame

    A topical blog is a blog that is about something that is newsworthy, now. It is about capitalising on a subject at the time that it is HOT! Doing this can bring you fame by bringing you a big bunch of eager new visitors.

  • Introducing: Small Business Goodies that will Save you $$$

    We are thrilled to bring you the latest incarnation of Grassroots goodies! Each month we will collate super useful resources, offers and opportunities all designed to help small business owners get more success from their websites. We asked our Web Peeps if they could contribute something special to get things started and they came back

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