• Why you should be wary of spec work

    Spec (speculative) work is a contentious issue in the field of design. You may have heard of it and not known what all the fuss is about. Or maybe it’s a totally new concept to you. Whichever camp you fall into, this article aims to explain the issues and give you some perspective on why

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  • When did you last clean up your Twitter account?

    Clean up your Twitter accounts

    Every once in a while I will spring clean my Twitter accounts to make sure that I am getting the most value from my time on Twitter. Here is my 4 step process for giving a Twitter spring clean: 1. Follow People Firstly follow more people! A percentage of the people you follow will follow

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  • 3 Tools to Streamline your Twitter Updates (and Give you More Time to Build Relationships)

    streamline your twitter

    Often the biggest challenge of social media marketing is finding the time to do it. Fortunately there are some great low-cost tools available which can help streamline your activity. I use Buffer, HootSuite and SocialOomph to automate the more tedious tasks on Twitter, such as content distribution and following back, so I can concentrate on

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  • 3 Free Websites My Business Couldn’t Live Without

    free website tools

    During an average business day I constantly jump in and out of a lot of different websites. Find out which Free websites I so use regularly in my business that I now feel I couldn’t live without them. And once you start using them you’ll probably feel that way too.

  • Why Content Sure Ain’t King

    It feels like I’m reading the same post every day. “Content is king,” they shout. “Writing engaging content is the answer,” they drone. “Great SEO = Great content,” they bleat. And you know what? It’s rubbish! Let’s see if I can make it clearer. You can write the most bum-clenchingly awesome piece of content in

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  • Is This Killing Your Facebook Ads?

    Is this killing your Facebook Ads?

    It’s a good thing not all marketing stories have to have a happy ending by the first chapter! There’s the website that just didn’t work, those Facebook posts that never got shared, and all those fails in the first few months of the blog. For me one of these has been Facebook ads and it

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  • 3 Key Elements of Online Videos that Get Results

    This is you! You’ve decided you want to use online video to build your profile, your personal brand, product or service. You already have a solid or growing reputation in your industry as an expert or you want to develop one. You’re already really comfortable face-to-face, making any kind of presentation to a small group

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  • Pinterest Listens To Pinner Feedback – Updates And Reversals

    Pinterest Design Update Partially Reversed After Less Than A Month

    Pinterest has responded to feedback following their March 2013 design update and strengthened their relationship with pinners. On the other hand, Facebook users regularly complain the behemoth doesn’t care about them and is only in it for the money. You may agree or disagree but you won’t hear the same said about Pinterest.

  • Is Pinterest Drinking From The Social Media Waters?

    New Pinterest Home Page

    I’m pretty sure there’s something in the water! The social media waters! Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest have all rolled out changes and additions to their platforms in the last couple of weeks. It seems whatever is in the water is catching. Although perhaps less visually dramatic compared with the other platforms, the changes Pinterest has

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  • Grassroots Goodies for May

    Have you been thinking about ways to kick-start your blog? We’ve got a special offer this month from Caylie Price that will help you do just that! Fellow Web Peep Tessa Needham has also launched her new course on Managing Content in WordPress and has a fantastic introductory offer. Last – but not least –

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