• How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site with Google Analyticator

    Google Analytics is a powerful, powerful tool I love it because: It allows you to see where the visitors to your website are coming from It shows you which visitors are coming back It gives you the information and insights you need to improve your website There are three things, however, that annoy me about

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  • Have you Got an Hour to Give?

    This article introduces the children’s charity Children’s Promise. ┬áSerena and I are both happy to support this charity by helping with their website and by promoting their appeals, and today we wanted to share their good works with you.

  • 3 Cool Tips On Writing For The Web

    Tips on writing for the web

    Writing content for the web is a critical skill. It’s not the same as other type of writing such as print, magazines, press releases and books. People approach the web differently and this means you need to write differently to capture and hold their attention. To help you do this, there are techniques you can

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