• 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Neglected Blog

    Neglected blog

    Does your blog look like this?

    Have you been neglecting your blog?

    We are busy people in a busy world and sometimes your blog takes a back seat.

    Maybe you had too many other priorities, or maybe you just couldn’t face writing one more thing!

    Blogs are beautiful because they keep the momentum you have built for a period of time, but neglect your blog for long enough and it will start to rapidly drop in visitors.

    Because I run three blogs I find that at least one is neglected at any one time! Unlike children, blogs just sit quietly when you haven’t fed them, quietly fading into oblivion.

    But they are always on my mind, adding a little guilt to the rest of the everyday stuff!

    Here are 5 ways to inspire life back into your neglected blog:

    1. Make a new commitment

    So you were crap at blogging recently. Today is the day you give up feeling bad and start a new commitment.

    But first remind yourself why you started your blog in the first place! Look at your goals once more and decide what exciting goal you will now go for as a result of your blogging. Is it to bring more people to your business? Is it to create an alternative source of income? Or to give you a platform for some other goal?

    Once you have an exciting goal consider your commitment…

    • Will you blog once a week? A few times a week?
    • Will you have other people blog for you?
    • On which day/s will you blog?
    • When will you make time to blog? By getting up early? When?

    Make a clear new commitment to your blogging, and be real about it.

    Forget the bad feelings and get back on the wagon. Post your new commitment on social media and make it public that you are back in action!

    2. Get ahead of yourself

    There is nothing like having a few posts scheduled ahead of time to make you feel good about yourself. So get organised. Write your posts in batches rather than just writing one at a time.

    Collate some “filler” blogs that are easy to put together but don’t take much time, like embedding interesting videos from YouTube or commenting on other peoples content. Have a few filler blogs ready and waiting for when you are busy. Send out interview questions to a bunch of interesting people so that you can just edit their interviews ready to go.

    Deconstruct content and use it as blogs, like using chapters from your eBook as individual blogs.

    Find people to write for you on a regular basis and be organised when it comes to holding them to account.

    Repurpose your old blogs, or create updates to popular old blogs.

    The more consistent you are in posting the more motivated you will be to post consistently! I like to call this, “the cycle of awesomeness”.

    3. Reacquaint yourself with social media

    If you have been neglecting your blog, chances are you have been neglecting your social media communities too. So create a plan for each community and get busy!

    Start posting again, and start posting regularly. If you have a Facebook community, pre-schedule 1-2 posts a day, every day. If you don’t have new content to post, then share other peoples content that is of value to your audience. Remember that things like images, videos, probing questions and interesting articles are loved by people on Facebook.

    4. Automate your posts in Twitter

    As well as reconnecting with followers new and old, look to partially automate Twitter. Of course you will still connect and participate in person, but you can auto post links to your existing content too.

    TweetAdder is a tool I have used for years to automate the posting of some of our ever-green content. By ever-green I mean content that is still valid and useful months or years after you first publish it.

    lifetime licence is $55 and helps you manage and automate a whole range of things, although I only use it for posting. To do this simply add a list of your fabulous older content pre-designed as tweets (140 characters max + links + hashtags) and set it to post a few each day.

    5. Do something exciting

    There is nothing that will renew your passion and excitement for your blog, like a big jump in momentum.

    Competitions, partnerships and fun new projects or challenges will give you plenty to blog about and a good reason to get in contact with other bloggers and organisations that you can work with.

    When designing the next stage for your blog, think about what would be really exciting or valuable to the people in  your audience.

    Here are some ideas for an exciting next step:

    • Produce a new free eBook
    • Produce a paid eBook
    • Offer a course or webinar
    • Contact relevant people/companies and ask them to provide a prize you can giveaway
    • Design a blog game where multiple people post on a certain topic
    • Find someone to contribute monthly to your blog
    • Review relevant products and services in your industry
    • Share your story with relevant media sources with the aim of getting your story published

    These are just a few of many fun and productive things you can bring to your blog, that will add life and colour. The opportunities are endless, just let yourself be creative and excited about your blog once more.

    Your neglected blog is still there and is something that you can build on once more. You may have lost the momentum but you can get it back! Just be patient while you are consistent with your content and marketing and you will start to see a revival in no time.

    Now its over to you, is your blog neglected? Are you ready to get back in the game?

    Post By Serena Star Leonard (78 Posts)

    As well as being one half of the Grassroots team, Serena is a business coach, blogger and author of the best selling book How to Retire in 12 Months and her latest book How to Succeed in 12 Months: Creating a Life You Love. She is currently travelling the world making mini documentaries for her passion project Five Point Five and helps people understand websites, business and how to get book deals.

    Website: → How to Retire in 12 Months


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  1. Melinda March 20, 2014 @ 7:59 pm

    Thanks for the tips Serena. As someone who also runs three blogs of my mine (plus a few for clients) I know what you mean about one always being neglected at some point.

    I find that if I put in the effort to post something, and it gets a great response and unanticipated feedback, that motivates me to keep on keeping on with it!

    • Serena Star Leonard March 20, 2014 @ 8:26 pm

      Yes response really does help! Sometimes you can’t do everything you plan to do, and I have come to realise that there is no point stressing that there are not enough hours in the day.

      But it is still nice to be consistent!