• The internet contains an infinite number of crappy websites.

    And we’ve seen our fair share of them!

    Most small business people get that they need a website, but that’s where their knowledge ends. We designed this website to step small business people through the minefield of website ownership and to help you get the results you want for a more successful business.

    Website ownership is about continuous learning – there is always something new to learn and tweak. This can be extremely overwhelming at first, so we take complex, jargon filled concepts and make them digestible, with step by step instructions.

    It started off with Melinda and Serena (more about them below) and now there is a fantastic team of Web Peeps who are each chosen for their expertise in differing areas.

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    Why Grassroots Internet Strategy?

    Our content is created to help you avoid the problems and issues that business owners regularly face when setting up a new website.  Our aim is to save you time and money and help you create a website that you’re happy with.

    We started this website in 2009 and since then, although business owners’ knowledge of websites has improved, we’re still seeing the same website mistakes being made over and over again.

    This program was created by Melinda Samson of Click-Winning Content and Serena Star Leonard of How to Retire in 12 Months and Five Point Five.

    Together we have over 29 years experience working in sales and marketing roles, have set up seven businesses and not-for-profits, created dozens of websites and worked with hundreds of business owners to improve the results of their websites and online marketing activities.

    Serena Star Leonard

    Serena Star Leonard


    Serena Star Leonard

    Serena Star-Leonard is an author, business coach and blogger on a three year adventure around the world. She gives small business owners practical ways to use their passions to create income and is a little obsessed with building communities through blogging, email marketing and social media.

    A self-proclaimed business hippy, Serena looks at business as a means to an end, rather than the destination. She is the bestselling author How to Retire in 12 Months. Her travel adventures are documented on Five Point Five and her coaching and training services are available by Skype.

    Mel - Balcony 2

    Melinda Samson

    Melinda Samson

    Mel is fascinated by the long list of things you can do to help get your website on page one of Google.  With over twelve years of hands on experience in results driven online marketing campaigns, Mel is a Google Partner, Google Analytics Certified Individual and web copywriter. She loves explaining web speak in a way that makes it easy to understand. Find out more about Mel’s services.

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    We’re tired of seeing hard working people, who have brilliant business ideas, get disheartened because their websites don’t match their expectations. This website is dedicated to all you awesome, creative and committed small business people who just need your websites to work.

    Mel and Serena

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