• Our Affiliate Link Policy

    This website is dedicated to bringing you the best information, tips and how to’s for making your small business website successful.

    It is also a business in itself and one of the ways we create income is through affiliate links.

    Our policy is that we will write what we think is most useful to you, and if that includes useful tools we will share them with you as well.

    Some things we recommend have affiliate programs. Which means if you like a recommendation, click the link and buy something, we make a commission. This process does not cost you the buyer any more, but it gives us an opportunity to earn.

    For this reason if you purchase anything as a result of links from this website please email us so we can thank you personally!

    Thank you

    If you prefer to buy without us getting a commission you can Google the name of the product we share and you can get there directly.

    Of course we hope you choose our links! But the choice is yours.

    Our promise to you

    We only ever recommend things that we have personally tried, used or use and love (or we will say so!).

    We are happy to speak further about anything we have recommended – if you have questions, just post them on our Facebook page or send us an email. The author of each recommendation is displayed clearly and will welcome your questions.

    Happy websites!