• Our Commitment

    This Statement sets out the Grassroots Internet Strategy (GIS) privacy policy in respect of personal information which you may provide to GIS.  GIS recognises that your privacy is very important to you and we are committed to promoting confidence in the manner in which your personal information is handled by us. The statement that follows explains how GIS collects, uses, discloses and protects this information on its website.

    Supporting Industry Best Practice

    GIS is bound by, and committed to supporting, the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) set out in the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.  The aim of GIS is both to support and to ensure that it complies with the NPPs that form the basis of laws introduced to strengthen privacy protection for the general public. We believe that in supporting industry best practice this statement will address any potential concerns you may have about how personal information you provide to us is stored, used and accessed.

    Collection of Information

    GIS receives and stores transaction information, information you enter on our website or have provided to us in application, registration or administration processes.

    No personal information is collected when you browse anonymously. Anonymous browsing is when personally identifiable information is not required by an individual to gain access to our web site. In addition, personally identifiable information such as name and contact details (email addresses) are only collected when you make an enquiry, subscribe to email updates or make a purchase.

    Cookies & Applets Grassroots Internet Strategy uses cookies to provide you with a better experience. These cookies allow us to increase your security by storing your section ID and a way of monitoring single user access. A cookie is used to collect anonymous traffic data and this aggregate, non-personal information is collated to assist in analysing the usage of the site.

    Credit Card Details Credit Card details are provided directly to PayPal and are not stored by Grassroots Internet Strategy.

    Email communications from Grassroots Internet Strategy Grassroots Internet Strategy blog posts are emailed to people who have subscribed via the Mail Chimp service set up on our website. From time to time we will send emails about our products and services to people who have subscribed by requesting a copy of a document download. All email subscribers have an option to unsubscribe if required.

    Storage & Security of Personal Information Grassroots Internet Strategy takes all reasonable steps to ensure the security of our system. Grassroots Internet Strategy will not be held responsible for events arising from unauthorised access of your personal information.

    Accessing and Changing Your Personal Information

    GIS attempts to ensure that all personal information collected and stored in its database systems is correct and accurate. You may at any time request access to the information we have collected from you and obtain a more in depth explanation about how the information is used by emailing us.

    We will endeavour to meet or advise of the outcome of a request within 7 business days of receipt.
    If at any time you wish to change personal information that is incorrect or wish to have your personal information deleted, please contact us using the details below.  Unless personal information is required for administrative or legal reasons we will take all reasonable steps to meet such requests at the earliest possible opportunity.

    You also have the right to request access to your personal information at any time. All our staff will be able to assist you with such a request and this information will be forwarded to you within 5 working days.
    For any privacy issues or concerns, you can contact our National Privacy Officer at:

    Privacy Officer
    Grassroots Internet Strategy

    Phone: 0415 720 606

    Email: Grassroots Internet Strategy Privacy Officer

    Grassroots Internet Strategy Partners & Advertisers Grassroots Internet Strategy provides links and passes to third party sites. The use of your information by these third party sites is not within the control of Grassroots Internet Strategy and we cannot accept responsibility for the conduct of these companies.

    Feedback Grassroots Internet Strategy welcomes ideas and feedback about all aspects of the site. We store feedback that users send to us. This feedback will be used to administer and refine the service.

    Privacy & Site Changes From time to time, Grassroots Internet Strategy may review and update its privacy statement. Revised versions will be updated on the website.