• It doesn’t take much to make a difference in the world but you do need intention and action. Here are some people and organisations that are walking the talk and are making the world a better place. If any of these causes sing to you please look them up and see how you can contribute.

    Children’s Promise www.childrenspromise.orgChildrens Promise

    A charitable organisation with a great concept, they encourage every Australian to donate one hour’s salary a year to help fund a selection of children’s charities that do incredible things to those who need it most, disadvantaged children.  If you live in Australia (or even if you don’t!) get onto the site give your hour and share what you would have spent the money on!

    Chernobyl International www.chernobyl-international.comchernobyl international

    Chernobyl International was set up to help the people still suffering the impacts of radiation poisoning since the explosions in 1986. They work in providing medical staff capable of dealing with the increased rates of heart defects and thyroid cancer in children as well as looking after many of the thousands of children institutionalised due to radiation disabilities and the demise of the economy. These people are front line in caring for a community that has been forgotten by most of the world. A documentary is available on youtube, if you would like to see some heroes at work..

    East West Foundation www.tewoaf.org.auEast West Foundation

    The East West Foundation has built and manages a medical centre and an orphanage in a village in Southern India. Step by step they have added facilities that benefit the young orphans as well as the entire village including a computer centre and a coastal education centre. The inspiring founder Dr Chandran is Melbourne based and has dedicated his life to service of several disadvantaged communities.

    Ride the Talk www.ridethetalk.com.au ride the talk

    One man taking on climate change! John Knox is on a mission to educate people on how to save money and save our environment by reducing carbon emissions. In July this year he will get on his bike (literally) and cycle around Australia giving talks to everyday Australians. Get on his website and sign the petition!

    The Cove www.thecovemovie.com.authe cove

    A real-life James Bond style mission to uncover and stop the hideous practice of mass dolphin slaughter each year in Taiji, Japan. This movie is worth watching, and bonus features give some interesting insights on our exposure to Mercury.