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    Abbe Holmes is a professional actor and high profile voice over artist and voice over coach. She’s been providing training in audio and visual performance for 9 years. In 2012 Abbe created Face2FaceIdentity.com.au to help those who want to use online video to build their profile, personal brand, business and product or service, with video presentation and performance coaching, script writing for ‘spoken word’, online video strategies and the creation of killer videos that get noticed.

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  • 3 Key Elements of Online Videos that Get Results

    This is you! You’ve decided you want to use online video to build your profile, your personal brand, product or service. You already have a solid or growing reputation in your industry as an expert or you want to develop one. You’re already really comfortable face-to-face, making any kind of presentation to a small group

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  • Building performance skills for online video (and how to avoid the pasted on smile)

    It’s the little things that make the biggest difference! Video just happens to be shaping up to be the next biggest thing in online marketing! So, how do you get anyone who sees your videos to do what you want them to! Wouldn’t you like to know that your face-to-face video performance convinces anyone who

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  • 4 Key Questions to Answer Before you Create an Online Video

    It’s true that using video online is rapidly becoming the best way to build your profile, personal brand, product or service. There are so many things to love about video.  It’s immediate, impactfull and search engines love it.  The main reason for that is that good videos hold attention.  They keep your customer or your

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  • 3 Simple Tips for Looking Like a Pro in Your Online Video

    Terrified of not looking your best in your video?  Or looking like you don’t know what you’re doing? You’re so worried about looking like an amateur, you’re thinking of hiring a spokesperson to do it! Well, yeah, they’ll look pretty, but you know what…they won’t be you! I know you might have some worries about

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  • How to Look Natural When You Present in an Online Video

    Have you noticed how many successful businesses are using video online to create a presence and build their profile, personal brand, products or services? The power of video presentations to accelerate your business marketing is undisputed.  In a crowded internet market, it’s already proving to be the best way to create brand awareness and recognition

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