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    Chris Bates is an online marketing consultant who loves your business as much as you do. Through years of research, testing and experience Chris has developed a wealth of knowledge and loves to help your business get more business, online. Once you decide to get more business online, you can leave the rest to him. Find out more at octoply.com.au.

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  • Link Building Tips You Need to Know

    Link Building Tips

    This week is all about Building Links to your website. We took some time to ask Chris Bates from Octoply a few questions, to see if he could throw some light on link building for small business people. How important is link building really? It’s going to depend on the website… Unless you have backlinks

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  • Top 7 Tips For Website Success

    Having presented on the ‘Essential Elements of Website Success‘ in the Grassroots Website Boot Camp I thought it would be useful to share my top 7 tips for those who haven’t seen the webinar. My top tips of website success are things you can do yourself – you don’t necessarily need big budgets or a web

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