• How to set up Google Analytics Goals to track MailChimp sign-ups

    When you’re doing marketing activities to get more visitors to your website, you need to be focused on the QUALITY of your visitors rather than the QUANTITY. That’s because quality visitors are the ones who help you achieve results for your business; they sign up for your newsletter, enquire about your services, buy your products

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  • 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Neglected Blog

    Neglected blog

    Have you been neglecting your blog? We are busy people in a busy world and sometimes your blog takes a back seat. Maybe you had too many other priorities, or maybe you just couldn’t face writing one more thing! Blogs are beautiful because they keep the momentum you have built for a period of time,

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  • How to Tag your MailChimp Links in Google Analytics

    By tagging your MailChimp Links for Google Analytics, you’ll get information about how many people click on the links in your email, and how they behave once they arrive at your website. This article will show you how to set up Google Analytics link tracking in your MailChimp account.

  • Grassroots Revisited: Star Articles from the Past 12 Months

    A review of our most popular articles from the past 12 months that you won’t want to miss, covering topics related to web copywriting, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, SEO, blogging and more.

  • Grassroots Goodies for May

    Have you been thinking about ways to kick-start your blog? We’ve got a special offer this month from Caylie Price that will help you do just that! Fellow Web Peep Tessa Needham has also launched her new course on Managing Content in WordPress and has a fantastic introductory offer. Last – but not least –

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  • Understanding Email

    Email. Most of use it all day, every day. The ease of communication it allows is super convenient for our modern lives of needing an answer… NOW. But how many people really understand how email works? Know the difference between POP and IMAP? Or how to set up an email account on their computer? Understanding

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  • Email Marketing: The Basics of Quality Campaigns

    Although there are a lot of other marketing methods available for communicating your messages to your target audience, Email Marketing is still alive and well. But if you’re going to do, make sure you do it well. Send quality campaigns that are compliant, consistent and include valuable content.

  • 5 Things you’ll no longer do after about 6 months of blogging

    My approach to blogging is that it’s really difficult to know everything there is to know, so it’s better to take the view of “I’m always learning”. The keys to success are knowing your goals, implementing marketing activities, measuring the results, testing different things and making changes where needed. And always be learning along the

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  • Do you have Consent from your Subscribers?

    Your subscriber database is one of your most important assets – allowing you to send important information to a large group of interested customers with the click of just one button. But do you have consent from your subscribers or are you sending them ‘spam’?

  • Have you got a blog marketing checklist? Get the most from your posts!

    Have you got a blog marketing checklist

    One of the main reasons why blogging is so important for website owners is that every blog you post gives people a reason to come back to your website. So instead of visiting once, they may be interested in visiting once a week, or if you are useful and you market your blogs maybe even several

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