• How to use Facebook for Business Success Now

    If you’re one of many people who has been struggling with getting business value from Facebook due to low Page reach, read on! You’ll love the information that Loren Bartley from Impactiv8 shares about what you need to do NOW to be successful on Facebook.

  • 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Neglected Blog

    Neglected blog

    Have you been neglecting your blog? We are busy people in a busy world and sometimes your blog takes a back seat. Maybe you had too many other priorities, or maybe you just couldn’t face writing one more thing! Blogs are beautiful because they keep the momentum you have built for a period of time,

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  • Is This Killing Your Facebook Ads?

    Is this killing your Facebook Ads?

    It’s a good thing not all marketing stories have to have a happy ending by the first chapter! There’s the website that just didn’t work, those Facebook posts that never got shared, and all those fails in the first few months of the blog. For me one of these has been Facebook ads and it

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