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    “Over 200 million people actively use Twitter”

    Be one of them!


    Time and time again business owners who are new to Twitter come to us in frustration, because they don’t understand how to get results for their business.


    The same business owners are deliciously surprised when we show them a few simple tips for making the most of Twitter.

    Simple tips that quickly help them go from Twitter start-up to Twitter pro.

    In response to the need for help with Twitter for business marketing, we created a way to train business people without the cost.

    Twitter for Business is a 55 page step-by-step “tweetorial” that covers all the information, tips and expert advice that you would get from hours of training.


    In easy, step-by-step instructions the eBook covers essentials like:

    • How to set up and customise your Twitter account
    • How to use Twitter to effectively market your business
    • How to find new potential customers, who want your products now
    • Where to find free applications that make using Twitter easy
    • How to integrate Twitter with your website, blogs and other social media.

    Twitter has no cost other than your time.  Yet your time is too valuable to waste on a trial and error approach.

    Fast track your results. Buy the Twitter for Business eBook now and soon you’ll be using Twitter to engage with clients and prospects, drive warm traffic to your website and find business opportunities.

    Got questions about Twitter for Business? Feel free to send an email to grassroots at star-coaching.net

    Twitter For Business is a must read resource for anyone wishing to establish a business presence on Twitter. Following this easy-to-use how-to-guide you can go from setting up a Twitter account through to pro in a couple of hours, something that would normally take many weeks of heart-ache and tears if you tried to do it on your own. This is a great investment for any business and the resource I recommend for all my clients who are considering incorporating Twitter as part of their social media strategy.

    Loren Bartley – Director of Impactiv8 and Chief Rabbit at Social Rabbit


    The Grassroots philosophy has helped us to launch Table of Plenty on Twitter with great success.

    Our followers and listings have grown steadily over the past year and we have real interaction with our customers in an informal and personal environment.

    Kate Weiss – Table of Plenty


    .Wendy Bentley - Think for Fitness

    “I never quite understood Twitter and why I needed to be a part of it. Thanks to Grassroots, I got up to speed quickly and now Twitter is really helping me grow my business”.

    Wendy Bentley – Think for Fitness

    Christian Zimmerman
    Although I had used Twitter for a couple years, there were still some features I hadn’t yet grasped.

    With Twitter for Business, it all makes sense now.

    Christian Zimmerman – Glapple.com 

    About the Authors

    Andrea Spirov, lead author of the e-Book, has a Masters degree in Media and Communications, specialising in social media and online communities.

    The book was written in conjunction with Melinda and Serena  from the Grassroots Internet Strategy team, who are successfully using Twitter to market their own, and other people’s businesses.

    Mel and Serena have worked with hundreds of small business owners to improve the results of their websites and online marketing activities.

    Based on our combined experience using Twitter, this e-Book is a guide to everything you need to know for Twitter to become a successful part of your marketing strategy.

    This book is a very useful step by step guide to anyone new to Twitter. It will help you understand what experienced “Tweeps” take for granted, and will set you on your path to becoming more confident in your use of this unique form of social media.

    I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to get the most out of their Twitter interactions.

    Vanessa Dundas – Ten Thousand Tastebuds


    As a Twitter newbie, I found this guide gave me the info and confidence to venture forth into the world of Twitter. With loads of useful tools, it really is a complete guide to getting started and going beyond the basics with Twitter.

    Nicci Brumwell

    Better than “100% Money Back” Guarantee


    We have a passion for helping business owners succeed and we really believe in our product.

    For this reason if you do not find this course extremely valuable we will give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase and in addition, a free twitter coaching session. Simply email grassroots@star-coaching.net and request a full refund. We are committed to your success!

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