• Are you Reaching the Friends of your Facebook Page Likers?

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    Did you know that the content on Facebook is primarily consumed within the LIKER’s newsfeed, rather than on the page?  Plus, Facebook has found that if a brand posts five days out of seven only 16% of its fans will see the content.  All of this of course strengthens the case for writing engaging posts. But, wait there is more…. 

    An analysis by Comscore onto the Power of LIKE for the top 100 pages on Facebook showed that for every LIKER on the page an additional 34 friends per LIKERs can be reached, whereas for the top 1000 pages it can be up to 81 friends per LIKER!  This is MASSIVE – no longer are you just talking to your small group, but instead you are talking to a potentially much larger number.

    Obviously the number of friends of LIKERs that you reach will depend on your page, how many people like your page, the posts you write, how many friends your page LIKERs have and the engagement you get, but it does potentially change the way that you see your page LIKERs.

    The diagram below from analysis on Bing’s Facebook page shows that with 1.7million LIKERs/fans on their page they are actually potentially reaching a total of 232million people!

    Bing's Facebook page likers

    But does this actually matter?

    Well yes, because:

    –          Research found that if people LIKED your page and their Facebook friends also LIKED your page, they were more likely to visit your website than those who didn’t and we aren’t talking a little bit, in the lower results it was 55% of LIKERs and 33% of friends that were more likely…

    –          They also found that LIKERs and their friends exhibited higher brand engagement than the average internet user…. on Facebook yes I get this, since you can’t interact on the page until you LIKE it, but it doesn’t specify not on Facebook… so hmmm

    –          Finally the results showed that LIKERs and their friends spent more than the average internet user

    I don’t know if you had previously thought about the friends of your LIKERs, but if you didn’t it is time to.  If you are going to put the time and effort into Facebook then you want as many people as possible to see your content and learn about your page.

    But, how do you reach those friends of your LIKERs?  It’s all about the content – every time a LIKER interacts with your page it appears in their personal newsfeed where their friends can see it = make your posts engaging!

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  1. Melinda February 21, 2012 @ 10:42 pm

    Great insights, thanks Lara. My takeaway is that for Facebook, engagement is key!

  2. Serena Star Leonard February 23, 2012 @ 12:40 pm

    Ooh I like this post Lara! Like like like!
    This is something I think about a lot, and really notice how important it is to post more than once a day.

  3. Erin February 29, 2012 @ 3:07 am

    Great insights, Lara. It’s a good reminder to post more regularly to Facebook … and to write more engaging posts!