• How to Avoid the Common and Costly Google AdWords Mistakes

    Presented by Melinda Samson of Click-Winning Content

    Website Boot Camp Video Series



    Get expert Google AdWords tips to improve the quality of your clicks.

    Google AdWords is a great way to increase targeted visitors to your website. But there is a lot of know in order to run effective ad campaigns.

    If you’re currently running your own Google AdWords campaigns, or you plan to give it a try soon, this webinar is not to be missed. Melinda will cover:

    • How to Link your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts
    • Targeting your campaigns to the best location
    • Optimising your Ad Copy
    • Choosing a good landing page
    • Creating a targeted keyword list
    • The value of Conversion Tracking
    • And more!





    About the Presenter

    Melinda Samson, one half of the Grassroots team, is a SEO web copywriter, Google Qualified Advertising Professional and Google Analytics Qualified Individual.

    By providing personalised, results-driven, online marketing services to small businesses, Melinda’s mission is to make the web world a better place! Find out more at Click-Winning Content