• Google Analytics 101

    Presented Online
    by Melinda Samson of Click-Winning Content

    Website Boot Camp
    8 Webinars – 6 Presenters – 4 Days



    Discover how to use the powerful data provided by the free tool; Google Analytics, to improve your website’s performance.

    Or maybe you don’t have Google Analytics set up yet but you want to learn more about it.

    During this introductory walkthrough, you’ll discover how to use Google Analytics and what the key statistics mean, including Total Visitors, Unique Visitors, Bounce Rate and Time on Site.

    You’ll also learn how to:

    • Find out where your best, and worst, web traffic comes from
    • Work out which pages of web content are your star performers
    • Set up reports to be sent to you via email
    • Use Goals to improve your website performance.

    Date: Tuesday 29 November 2011
    Time: 3pm AEDT (Melbourne, Sydney), 2pm Brisbane, 5pm New Zealand

    About the Presenter

    Melinda Samson, one half of the Grassroots team, is a SEO web copywriter, Google Qualified Advertising Professional and Google Analytics Qualified Individual.

    By providing personalised, results-driven, online marketing services to small businesses, Melinda’s mission is to make the web world a better place! Find out more at Click-Winning Content