• Meet Our Web Peeps

    We are rather excited to introduce to you, the next generation in Grassroots Land… Web Peeps! Our Web Peeps are an amazing team of awesome, talented wonderful people we have hand picked to help you take your website business further than ever!

    (did we mention amazing?!)

    The Web Peeps are people that we’ve worked with over the years and respect for their expertise. They have specialist skills and knowledge that give us the chance to broaden the web topics that we cover on this blog.

    They are bursting with outrageously useful blogs and articles and unbiased product reviews, so you are in for a treat! So… here is a chance to meet the team and get ready to learn their secrets to making your website and business even more awesome than ever before.

    Online Marketing Specialist

    Chris BatesOctoply

    My name is Chris Bates and I love your business. Through years of research, testing and experience I’ve developed a set of best practices that I apply to your business in a unique way. You just need to decide to get more business online, and then leave the rest to me.

    Connect with Chris and read his articles, including his 7 tips for Website Success.



    Online Video Specialist

    Abbe Holmes @ Face2FaceIdentity.com.au 

    Abbe Holmes is a professional actor and high profile voice over artist and voice over coach.  She’s been providing training in audio and visual performance for 9 years.  In 2012 Abbe created Face 2 Face to help those who want to use online video to build their profile, personal brand, business and product or service, with video presentation and performance coaching, script writing for ‘spoken word’, online video strategies and the creation of killer videos that get noticed.

    Connect with Abbe and read her articles to find out how to master your own online videos.


    WordPress Specialist

    Tessa Needham @ Tessa Needham Creative

    Tessa is passionate about designing for WordPress! She also has a background in performance, video, design, photography and writing. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, cat and a baby on the way.

    Connect with Tessa and read her articles, including why you should re-size images, why you should care about responsive web design and peeking behind the scenes of your website.


    Web Copywriting Specialist

    Belinda WeaverCopywrite Matters 

    Belinda is a professional marketing copywriter who confidently walks the line between writing effective copy and creating an engaging brand personality. You don’t have to choose between them! Visit Copywrite Matters for copywriting services and The Copy Detective for a weekly dose of copywriting, marketing and all things business.

    Connect with Belinda and read her articles to find out how to write a killer “About Me” page and why your Website call to action sucks!

    Web User Experience Specialist

    Shae Baxter @ ShaeBaxter.com Shae Baxter SEO coach

    Shae Baxter is a SEO trainer, blogger and writer and is the creator of the world’s first virtual SEO training course solely for creative women entrepreneurs.

    Shae believes that women don’t need to compromise on being authentic + original and that SEO should not get in the way of this.

    Her mission is to create the best SEO + blogging training resource for women entrepreneurs on the planet and to inspire tens of thousands of women to spread their message far and wide using this powerful force that is Search Engine Optimization.

    Read Shae’s articles.


    Marketing Specialist

    Caylie Price @ Better Business Better Life

    Caylie Price is founder of Better Business Better Life. She helps business owners without a marketing department to attract clients and make more money so they can live the life they want.

    Caylie is a business consultant, online marketer and professional trainer/presenter with a love of all things business, travel, sport and lifestyle.

    How did she get here? Caylie was the kid in school reading business magazines while the others were swapping footy and fashion tips. Still a voracious reader, she believes in life-long learning and avoiding mistakes through the experiences of those gone before.


    We’re stoked to be working with these peeps, so please sit back, relax and enjoy all the new flavours coming to this site soon…

    Mel and Serena : )


    Feature image adapted from image by: winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net