• 9 Important Considerations for Adding a WordPress Blog to your Website

    Adding a blog to your existing website allows you to create and share new web content, like articles and videos, which helps you attract new web visitors.

    Once you’ve decided to add a WordPress blog to your website, read on for nine important things you need to consider or

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    1. Does your blog need to be set up via WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

    WordPress.com blogs are free and easy to set up but they don’t allow for custom designs or adding additional features via Plug-ins.

    2. What design will you use for your blog?

    Will you choose one of the existing templates from WordPress.com, or create a custom design to match your website branding via WordPress.org?

    3. Where will the blog be located?

    The options include locating your blog at a subdomain eg www.myblog.mywebsite.com or a subdirectory eg www.mywebsite.com/myblog

    4. How will your blog be promoted on the Home Page of your website?

    Will you link to the blog from your main navigation and feature your recent articles prominently on your Home page? What other ways can you promote your blog?

    5. What links will you include on the main navigation of your blog?

    Adding links to other pages of your website can help keep visitors reading more about what you have to offer.

    6. Will people be able to subscribe to your blog via RSS, email or both?

    There are free and low cost tools available, like www.feedburner.com and www.mailchimp.com , that manage your subscriber list and automatically send your new articles to your list without you doing any work.

    7. How will you make it easy for your readers to share your articles via social media like Twitter and Facebook and social bookmarking like StumbleUpon and Digg?

    Reach a wider audience by using Plug-ins like Tweet Meme and Add This to make it easy for people to share your articles.

    8. What Widgets will you add to your blog?

    Widgets can be added in a Right or Left Hand Column, next to the main content area.  WordPress offers a range of widget options for things like Categories, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Search and Links.

    9. How will you monitor your blog’s performance?

    Will the statistics included with WordPress.com blogs meet your needs, or do you need to use WordPress.org so that you can add a plug in to access monitoring via Google Analytics.

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    What other things do you consider to be important when adding a blog to your existing website?


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