• How to Choose a Good Twitter Username for your Business

    Each username is unique on Twitter and no one can have the same username.

    Choose a good Twitter username carefully. While you can change your name later, no one will be notified automatically about the change.

    For branding, choose a Twitter username that relates to your business, products or services
    • Your Twitter username can be anything you like: an abbreviation of your business name, your full business name or a short description of your product or service (or tagline). It is a good idea to keep your username related to your business or the products and services you provide.
    • You should avoid the use of numbers, excessive capital letters and special characters. Abbreviations are great for long businesses. Just remove unnecessary vowels from your business name and run the words together.
    If relevant, include a short keyword in your username to increase search-ability
    • Using a short keyword in your username will help potential followers find you when they search on that keyword and help make it obvious what you are tweeting about.
    Check if your preferred Twitter username is available
    • To find out if the Twitter username is available, type http://twitter.com/thenameyouwant into your browser and see if a Twitter profile appears or if Twitter says “Sorry, that page does not exist”
      • Once you’ve signed up, if the username you want is taken, Twitter will let you know. If this is the case, choose another name and see if it is available.
    Keep your Twitter username short
    • Try to keep your username as short as possible. When you write “tweets” on Twitter there is a 140 character limit. When people forward (re-tweet) your Twitter messages, they will put RT @yourusername before the tweet. The longer your username, the less space there is for the re-tweeted message to follow.

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