• What is Twitter? Twitter Explained

    “Twitter is a free microblogging service and one of the leading online social media tools worldwide. Its users exchange 140 character messages, known as tweets. Social networks are formed as users follow and interact with each other and receive the tweets of the people they follow.”

    Twitter explained in more detail

    When you set up your Twitter account, a web page is created for you, called your Twitter profile. It has its own web URL and people can view it using their web-browsers, like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

    • You can customise and control this profile page by posting text-based posts, called tweets.
    • This is actually a form of microblogging.  Similar to a blog, your tweets are displayed on your profile page in reverse chronological order, with the most recent tweet at the top.
    • No one else can add tweets or updates to your profile page unless you give them your account password.
    • There are ways for your Twitter account to interact with other Twitter accounts or social networking sites, but none of these actions actually updates your Twitter profile.
    You are the only person who can edit your Twitter profile page

    Confusion about who can update your Twitter profile page and how you control the content presented by your Twitter identity is often a barrier to people’s initial use of Twitter. You can rest assured that only you will be able to edit your Twitter profile page.

    Integrate Twitter into your online marketing program

    Your Twitter page is something you will want to integrate into your online marketing program. While you don’t have to update it every day, you’ll want to keep your profile fresh so visitors can see activity there and be motivated to subscribe to your tweets. When someone follows your tweet feed, they become a follower. The more followers you have, the more likely it becomes that your messages will be circulated virally across the web. We’ll discuss this in depth in part two.

    Use Twitter to keep your audience updated; in real time

    Twitter is easy to work into your online marketing program and can be very beneficial.

    • You can tweet messages notifying your followers when you update your website or have a special promotion or news to publicise.
    • People who search Twitter can find your tweets and this will attract new followers, along with visitors to your website, if you place your web URL on your profile page.
    • You can keep your current web audience updated on changes to your website in a non-intrusive manner with a service they are already using.
    • Tweets are broadcast practically in real-time and this immediacy can be particularly helpful when you announce time-sensitive information.
    What is Microblogging?

    Microblogging is different from blogging in one very important way: as its name suggests, the messages you can send are very short and you are limited to 140 characters per tweet.

    An advantage to short tweets is that they force you to get to the point. People’s attention online is limited and using Twitter will help you reach an audience that is ready to listen to you and has already expressed interest in receiving your communications by becoming a follower of your Twitter feed.

    Best of all, Twitter is free and easy to use.

    Many people have expressed hesitation about using the service because they are unsure how they would use it or think it looks too complicated. But once you get going on Twitter, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use.

    Long term business benefits of using Twitter

    By using Twitter, you will:

    • increase your web traffic
    • expand your network
    • engage with your clients and potential customers
    • generate opportunities for your business.

    Is it time for your business to get busy on Twitter?

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