• E-Junkie Rocks as a Low Cost E-Commerce Shopping Cart and Affiliate System

    We use E-Junkie on the Grassroots Internet Strategy website to manage distribution of our eBooks and eCourses and we think it rocks!

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    It only costs USD 5 per month, and if you want to set up an affiliate program, E-Junkie can manage that too.

    Reasons to give E-Junkie a try:
    • It’s easy to use: If you want to sell a few products online but you’re not yet ready to invest in adding a full ecommerce back end shopping cart system, E-Junkie is a great option.
    • Perfect for electronic products like eBooks: If you’re selling electronic products, such as eBooks, it’s really easy to upload the product you’re selling and customise the email that is sent to customers that allows them to download the product
    • You can set up customised shipping: If you’re selling products that need to be shipped, you can customise the shipping costs based on where the item is being delivered to
    • It offers integration with payment systems: It works with PayPal, Google Check Out, Click Bank and other popular payment systems
    • You can customise the “buy” buttons used on your website: You have a choice of what kind of buttons to use eg “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” and as along as you can access the HTML part of your web pages (like with WordPress and Joomla) you can add the buttons yourself, wherever you want to place them
    • Take advantage of our two month extended trial offer (details below)

    Check out E-junkie today and find out for yourself why it rocks!

    E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

    Special Offer – Two Month Extended Trial of E-Junkie

    The usual trial period is 7 days. To access the extended two month trial, simply complete your details here and we’ll email you a promotional code to add to the Sign Up page.

    It’s as easy as that. You’ll be selling online in no time

    Note – We are an affiliate of E-Junkie and we’re happy to recommend it because we use it regularly and know that it is a valuable low cost ecommerce shopping cart option.  We will receive a commission if you click on the links above and start using a paid version of E-Junkie.  If you’d prefer we didn’t get a commission, please go straight to www.ejunkie.com