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    Top 11 Website Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    A free live webinar with the Grassroots team

    Date: Monday 2 May, 2011

    Time: 1.00pm – 2.00pm AEST (Melbourne, Sydney)

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    This is on online presentation that you can attend for free from anywhere you like. light green jumping frog

    All you need is an internet connection and a computer (plus a microphone or telephone if you wish to ask questions).

    Working with business owners on a daily basis to improve their websites and online results, we see people make the same website mistakes again and again.

    The mistakes happen because:

    • Some web professionals only give you advice about the part of the story that they can help you with, rather than the complete picture of what’s involved with having a great website
    • There is so much to learn when you’re new to the web world that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know which things are the most important.

    A few of the mistakes can be fixed relatively easily, but unfortunately some of them are difficult to rectify once a website it set up.

    Although other web professionals make a lot of money by fixing the problems, we’d rather help you avoid them completely.

    Attending this webinar will help you to avoid mistakes that:

    • Other business owners are making everyday
    • Cause years of ongoing frustration and cost thousands of dollars to fix
    • Can eventually mean that you need a completely new website.

    You know I thoroughly enjoyed your interactive and enthusiastic webinar. It was set out in a fashion that I benefitted from and I loved it. So many ideas and tips to follow up on… Thanks heaps!

    Michele Flynn

    This Webinar was invaluable as it allowed me to learn a great deal about my website without having to leave my home. I am much more visible to my potential clients, and have more confidence about managing my own website.

    Toni Langford TLCounselling

    If you have a website or you’re in the process of planning a new or upgraded website, this webinar is not to be missed.

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    Your website will thank you for it.

    Any questions, feel free to send us an email.

    Melinda and Serena

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    As a bonus during the webinar,we’ll share insider tips that will fast track your website success, (just like they already have for our clients).