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    Top 11 Website Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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    Like anything new, once you enter the web world you can quickly become overwhelmed by the volume of information available.

    Then there is the risk of being given bad advice, or sometimes worse, incomplete advice from web professionals who seem trustworthy and reliable, but don’t actually know the whole story of everything that goes into creating a great website that gets results.

    Grassroots Internet Strategy was created so that you can avoid the problems that business owners regularly face when setting up a website.

    Search-Mel and Serena-Social-Star from the Grassroots Internet Strategy team are small business owners who have over 28 years combined experience in sales and marketing, including strategic and tactical experience in online marketing on a tight budget.  We have worked with hundreds of clients to create new and improve existing websites. (Find out more About Us.)

    Through working with clients we’ve identified the Top 11 Website Mistakes that are made over and over again.

    These website mistakes include:

    1. Not having access to a Content Management System
    2. Not understanding the importance of Page Titles/Title Tags
    3. Not getting a monitoring tool installed prior to your website going live.
    We don’t want you making the same mistakes.

    Find out how to avoid these time consuming and costly mistakes, along with the eight other mistakes we see all the time.

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