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    With GoToWebinar you can conduct do-it-yourself webinars with up to 1,000 people. As long as you and your audience have an internet connection you can connect and present live, all over the world.

    What rocks:

    GoToWebinar has more useful features than any of the other options tested.

    What sucks:

    The interface is a little clunky and non-intuitive and things break from time to time.

    Low Down:

    GoToWebinar still has the best functionality for live presenting to groups, and the recording and delivery of said presentations. It is pretty easy to set up, but can be clunky and non-intuitive and things break from time to time. It is expensive for irregular users.


    $99 per month – up to 100 participants (live)
    $399 per month – up to 500
    $499 per month – up to 1000

    The Review

    GoToWebinar by Citrix is a classic webinar application, that allows you to present live to an audience via the web. You can show slides, your screen (for tutorials) or your face in the live session and have a variety of participation options for your audience.

    The control settings allow you to manage different sized audiences in different ways. For example,  if you have a small audience, they can all be “on the call” with you and chime in live with questions. For a larger audience you can manage who can speak with raised unhands and the ability to unmute individuals, or participants can type questions in in text form.

    Citrix’s GoToWebinar allows for questions that all participants can answer and will provide instant stats available for all to see.

    When recording sessions, it is important that you set it up correctly before your presentation as the standard settings often mean that it records in a GoToWebinar format. This can be very hard to use outside of the app, so if you have any plans for the video – make sure you check the settings!

    I did try and change away from GoToWebinar for my last course, mainly because it is expensive for a small business if you are not using it regularly, but when I checked the alternatives, they didn’t quite have all the features I was looking for.

    The interface is not the prettiest and it can be a little clunky. But GoToWebinar is fairly reliable and fairly easy to use.

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