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    Blacklist IP Cloud allows to to block IP addresses from visiting your WordPress website and Usernames from spamming. View details of all failed login attempts using this handy plugin in.

    What rocks:

    A simple way to see the details of all who have attempted to gain entry  to your WordPress website

    What sucks:

    It is possible to blacklist yourself if you are not careful!

    Low Down:

    This is a very useful and easy to use tool that helps you manage attempts to hack your website, and block spam IP addresses.


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    The Review

    As with many WordPress plugins, you just install them and they do what they are supposed to do. This is definitely the case for IP Blacklist Cloud, with the recent bot that was hacking left right and centre we decided to clean up our WordPress websites and make them a little more hack proof.

    IP Blacklist Cloud plugin allows you to blacklist IP addresses and stops them visiting your WordPress website.

    Well it actually does this! In the most easy sense you can either check out the instances of people (or bots) attempting to access your website, and you can simply click “Blacklist” and they are then blacklisted accessing your website. You can also add IP addresses manually that you wish to blacklist.

    It is important to whitelist IP addresses (including your own!) because sometimes we do type in the wrong password! If this happens you will show up in the list and if you are not paying attention you could blacklist yourself.

    I know because I did this! I contacted the plugin developer and he gave me a complicated looking workaround. I contacted a tech friend and she was able to unblacklist me manually in 2 minutes.

    Apparently there is a new feature which allows you to block usernames from spamming (comments) on your website. I am not sure if I have a use for that yet.

    As with any website, you don’t want people being able to access your admin area and potentially make your life miserable! So this is one handy plugin that is worth a few moments to help protect your website.

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