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    Soundcloud audio hosting


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    SoundCloud is a social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them.

    Recording and uploading sounds to SoundCloud lets people easily share them privately with friends or publicly to blogs, websites and social networks.

    What rocks:

    The ability to upload your audio and embed a pretty player on your website.

    What sucks:

    The new limits on the free account are very small.

    Low Down:

    One of the many audio players that give you space to upload and embed your interviews, songs and other audio files on your website. Sound cloud also allows access through apps on iPhone and Android.


    $0 Free – 2 hours of sound
    $3 per month Pro – 4 hours of sound
    $9 per month Pro Unlimited – unlimited sound

    The Review

    People often ask if there is a audio hosting facility equivalent to what YouTube is for video. The answer is yes! There are actually several, but none yet have cornered the market the way that YouTube have.

    When I started using SoundCloud it was many months ago, and I have a feeling there were no limits then, or if there were limits I wasn’t aware of them. So when I went to use SoundCloud recently to upload a new interview and saw that I only had 15 minutes I was a little bummed. I just don’t use them often enough to want to pay for it.

    They offer a social aspect to the sharing, with followers etc but I am just looking for an audio hosting service that will give me embedded players for my website so I have not used that side of things, although I notice that I have followers anyway.

    I am sure if you were a DJ or musician this side of things would be more useful.

    So for audio uploads, of less than two hours this is a good option if you are looking for a free audio hosting option. If it is likely that you will have more than 2 hours of content then you will need to pay or look elsewhere.

    If regular audio hosting is a core necessity of your website then there are plenty of nice sharing options for you and they have useful apps for iPhone and android, in that case $9 a month for the unlimited option will not break the bank, and you will get classy somewhat customisable audio players for your website.

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