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    SourceBottle is an online service that connects journalists, writers and bloggers with ‘sources’.

    They do this by emailing ‘call outs’ to an extensive network of quality sources; and help subscribers to the service get free publicity.

    What rocks:

    A fantastically simple way for business owners to see PR opportunities and for bloggers and journalists to find sources.

    What sucks:

    Nothing – it is as close to perfect as you can get!

    Low Down:

    SourceBottle would benefit anyone who is trying to increase the visibility of their product, service or event. A great way to see opportunities for PR every day.


    $0  For the majority of call outs
    $25 Per month for call outs wanting giveaways, prizes etc.

    The Review

    SourceBottle is a service that connects journalists, bloggers and writers with “sources”. To do this you create a “call out” that states who you are looking for to quote or feature in your blog, book or article.

    These are emailed daily to an extensive database of potential sources in any given industry.

    As a journalist, blogger or writer this means that you can very quickly find a variety of appropriate people to contribute to your work.

    Subscribe as a potential “source” and you will get two emails daily packed with potential opportunities to participate in articles for newspapers, blogs, magazines, television and radio. For anyone wanting additional opportunities for media exposure for their product, service, lifestyle or business in general this is absolutely GOLD!

    As a result of using SourceBottle I have had dozens of articles and interviews for a variety of media publications. Likewise I have found many great sources for my own blogs and articles.

    This service is simple to use and I really can’t fault it. The SourceBottle team have created a slick, simple to use and perfectly useful service.

    My only regret is that I didn’t create it myself!

    Post By Serena Star Leonard (13 Posts)

    As well as being one half of the Grassroots team, Serena is a business coach, blogger and author of the best selling book How to Retire in 12 Months and her latest book How to Succeed in 12 Months: Creating a Life You Love. She is currently travelling the world making mini documentaries for her passion project Five Point Five and helps people understand websites, business and how to get book deals.

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