Want to learn about increasing your website traffic? Follow the 100,000-website-visits-in-a-month challenge

I’ve set myself a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to achieve 100,000 visits to my personal blog in a month. I’m not sure whether or not I’ll make it but I’m giving it a red hot go!

Along the way I’ll share what I’m doing to help give you ideas for your own blog.

Background Info

As well as writing articles regularly for this blog and for my biz blog at Click-Winning Content, I also have a blog about grand slam tennis at www.grandslamgal.com.

Whereas the other two blogs are all about my business mission of making the web world a better place, my grand slam tennis blog is purely a labour of love. It’s the place where I write about the hobby that I’m passionate about. I love everything about grand slam tennis; going to tournaments, watching it on TV, the players, the fans and the whole experience. And because I love writing, being about to write about tennis and share information with other tennis fans adds a whole extra level of enjoyment to my hobby.

As you can tell once I get started on the topic of tennis it’s hard for me to stop!

In terms of benefiting from the web traffic, I have AdSense ads on the blog and I’m selling an e-Book, plus I’m always open to the opportunities that people email to me because of the blog.

January is a key time for tennis in Australia due to all the tournaments that happen in the lead up to the Australian Open, and then the Australian Open is held during the second half of the month. So likewise, January is a key time for my blog.

Last January there were 17, 847 visits tracked to www.grandslamgal.com via Google Analytics.

This January I’ve decided to set the Big Hairy Audacious Goal of aiming for 100,000 visits.  That’s a 560% increase year-on-year.

The objective of the blogging challenge is to help you to increase your own web traffic.

The challenge will start on 30 December 2012 and run through until 29 January 2013.

Throughout the month I’ll blog about the different things that I’m doing to increase my web traffic, with the aim of giving you ideas for ways to increase your own web traffic.  I’ll also share how I’m using the data from my Google Analytics account to understand what is, and isn’t working in terms of web traffic and website performance.

Can I achieve the challenge?

To be honest I’m not sure but I love a challenge so I’m willing to give it a red hot go!

I’ve added a lot of content and have a lot more inbound links than I had at this time last year. And I’m going to be blogging every day. Those factors will help but I think the key to achieving the challenge will be capturing organic traffic from important keywords.

Stay tuned during January for updates on my progress.

If you’d like to set a web traffic challenge for yourself in January, feel free to say it out loud by leaving a comment below, and then check in and let us know how you’re going.

Your challenge could be related to:

  • a certain number of web visits
  • number of pageviews of your blog articles
  • increasing the average time on site
  • number of new subscribers
  • or something else that you’d like to achieve.

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