5 Things You Should Know About Your Brand

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This article is a guest blog by Leah Klugt of The Golden Goose, a small business brand consultant who can give you a golden feather that is the start of something magical. 

We’re now in an age where purchases are made based on emotions, brand story and brand personality. No longer is there one local grocery store, there are now 3 to choose from.  And what does this mean for your business? Well, it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace, and I’m sure you’ve felt that.

One of your biggest assets in business is your brand whether you know it, like it, or not.

It’s the one thing you hold that makes you different to your competitors, the one thing that represents your business and the values it holds dear.

Don’t be the small business that does nothing about it.

Below are 5 things I believe you need to know to gain a clearer understanding of who your brand is and how it should be presented to the marketplace.

It’s all About Perception

Work out WHO you want to impress, work out HOW you want to be perceived then work on HOW you’re going to do it.

Too many small business owners work backwards, starting with HOW, the medium in which they’re going to reach their target audience, like Twitter for example. Brand messages should be known first.

Once your brand messages and personality are decided, you can work out how to communicate your brand values in items like your website and blog posts. Ensure that your brand’s personality is reflected in posts by maintaining a specific writing style and tone of voice using words that are consistent with your brand messages and values.

It’s About the Experience

Your customer needs to not only remember you, but remember the warm, fuzzy feelings they had when they had an experience with your brand.

Don’t forget, customers are out to have a POSITIVE experience with your brand.. make sure you fulfil that expectation! You can read more on positive customer experiences here.

It Balances on Brand Values

Do you have a list of brand values that help form the ‘personality’ of your business? You can learn more about how to find your brand values here.

This will help you think of your brand in more tangible terms.

It Needs Reviewing

You need a refresher more than just when you have your logo designed! Ideally, upon startup you would set the foundations for your brand and build on it from there.

Keep your consult document in an easy to find place (I have mine in a “Business Brand Manual” folder). I recommend this is reviewed every 3 months at a minimum.

It’s great to look over the document and see things from a different, more experienced perspective. That’s how innovation is born!

It requires alot of work, testing and adjusting. It’s also a document that is great to have when a new staff member climbs aboard, helping them gain a clear knowledge of the business’ aims, voice and values.

It May be a Little Boring

If your brand were a person, would you hang out with them?

Are you actually interesting to your target audience?

Has your target audience changed slightly?

Don’t be afraid to inject some personality into your brand! How do you do this? A great start is to choose some words that are ‘your’ words – for example at The Golden Goose, we use “Fabulous” and “Sparkly” a lot in communications with our fans. These words reflect some fun and personality so that we are relatable and we are now known for them!

Not sure where to start with your brand?

Before you get frustrated, come and see me about a Mini Brand Consult. A one hour one on one personalised consultation via phone or Skype that provides oodles of clarity to small business owners who are stuck when it comes to their brand. For a short time, they are only 109 AUD giving you the opportunity to chat through specific brand issues while gaining a ‘branducation’!

Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG / FreeDigitalPhotos.net