5 Top Tips for Making the Most of LinkedIn in 2013

In terms of social media, Facebook is a coffee shop while LinkedIn is a board room which can have a huge amount of value for your business. In fact, when someone searches for your name in Google, your LinkedIn profile will appear in the top three results. These top tips will help you make the most of the business opportunities that LinkedIn provides.

1. Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date

The Christmas / New Year break can be a quiet period for some businesses, particularly those in Australia when a lot of other businesses are closed, so it could be the perfect time to get your LinkedIn profile in tip top shape.

There are two ways to edit your profile.

Click “Edit Profile” from the top drop down menu
Or go to your Profile page and click “edit” next to “Improve your profile”

Make sure that the information you’ve included is up to date and add new information that’s relevant. Or if you click “Improve your profile” LinkedIn will suggest information that you can add.

2. Turn off your activity broadcasts if you’re making a lot of updates to your profile

If you’re making a lot of changes to your profile and you’d prefer that all the updates weren’t shared in your activity feed, go to Settings underneath your name in the top right corner, and underneath “Privacy Controls” click “turn on/off your activity broadcasts, then follow the steps to turn the broad casts off.

You may want to turn them back on again once you’ve made the updates.

Turn off your activity broadcasts before making a lot of profile updates

3. Send a Personalised Message to New Connections

Under “Contacts” you can go to “Add Connections” and LinkedIn will help you find people you already know who are using LinkedIn.

By following the steps LinkedIn will send a generic message to multiple contacts at the same time, letting people know that you would like to add them to your professional network.

Another option is to write down the names of everyone who you would like to connect with once LinkedIn has found them for you, search for each person by  name and then click “Connect” on their profile page.  This allows you to add a personal touch to the connection request by confirming how you know the person, and adding a personal message to the connection request.

4. Send a Reply instead of accepting requests from people you don’t know (or don’t remember!)

You may find that you receive generic invites to connect from people who you don’t know (or don’t remember!)  Whereas if they had personalised their connection invite as per Point No.3,  it might be easier to decide whether or not to accept their request.  If looking at their profile doesn’t jog your memory, instead of accepting the request, click the downward arrow to “Reply (don’t accept yet)” and ask for a little more information from the person.

5. Build new relationships by joining groups

To find groups to join, try clicking “Groups” and then go to “Groups you may like”.  Or search for groups by keywords in the search box at the top of the left hand column.

Finding Groups to join on LinkedIn

Follow the steps to join and then update your settings for how often you would like to receive emails about discussions in the group.

An important tip for being involved with groups is that they aren’t about selling. Instead, get to know people and build your network by sharing your knowledge.

Need more expert advice in order to make the most of LinkedIn in 2013?

These top tips are from the new “LinkedIn Quick Start 2013” training video presented by Linda Coles of Blue Banana.  During this 50 minute video Linda covers:

  • Quick wins for your profile
  • What your summary should say
  • How to keep in touch with your contacts
  • Using endorsements and recommendations
  • Plus a whole lot more.