6 Ways To Increase Your Pinterest Following Fast

Growing Your Pinterest FollowingDo you pin for pleasure or profit? If you pin for pleasure you won’t need to worry about increasing your followers fast, in fact you may never care but if you are pinning for business results count!

The faster you can increase your following the more web traffic you can entice and convert to email subscribers which is perfect for generating return on investment. Here are six ways to increase your following fast to reap the benefits.

Add The Pin It Button

Ok, so this seems rather obvious but many, many pinners haven’t added the Pin It and Follow buttons to their website or blog. You’ve got to make it easy for potential followers. If you haven’t got the buttons yet get them now from Pinterest’s Buttons and Widgets page.

Use Keywords

The use of keywords in Pinterest enables every pin, board and account bio to become an opportunity to increase followers. Keywords assist your images to appear in relevant search results both within and external to Pinterest. As a result even people who don’t yet have a Pinterest account have the opportunity to come across your images.

When choosing your keywords make sure they are the words your target audience would use to find your content. Once you’ve chosen include your keywords in your pin description, board names and account biography in a natural manner (no keyword stuffing allowed).

Ask For The Follow

Did you know that you are far more likely to gain a follower, repin, comment or like if you ask for it? We all live incredibly busy lives and need to be told the action you want us to take. It’s not complicated to add a call to action but easily forgotten.

The next time you are preparing images for your website or Pinterest tell your visitors what you need them to do. For example, at the end of a blog post finish by saying ‘If you enjoyed this post share it on Pinterest so we can help your friends too!’ You could also put the call to action on the image itself or encourage followers of shared boards to follow your account directly.

Host Contests

Hosting a contest on Pinterest is a brilliant way to leverage social proof of other pinners to increase the reach and followers of your account. Pinterest contest rules are easy to follow compared with Facebook but there are some do’s and don’ts. You can find out more in Pinterest’s Logos, Trademarks and Marketing Guidelines.

Pinterest Contest Guidelines

To increase your following your contest might require pinners to repin an image and leave a comment on what they love about the subject of your image or why they want to win. This can show non-followers desirability and encourage them to follow your account.

Two Pinterest apps designed to help you host your contest are Curalate and Pinfluencer.

Use Pinterest Apps to Leverage Trends

A huge array of apps is available to help you refine your content strategy to get the best results for minimum effort.  In regards to leveraging trends I recommend Curalate.

Pinterest App Curalate

The beauty of Curalate is that it’s free. Curalate provides analytics that identify trends of a viral nature; monitors your competitors as well as offering a contest platform. The benefit of monitoring your competitors is it enables you to see which keywords are generating the biggest response down to the individual details of the pin i.e. description, number of followers. 

Use Pinterest Apps To Refine Content

Pinterest App Pinfluencer

If you are committed to increasing your Pinterest following (especially to drive traffic to your website – which you should be) Pinfluencer is a fantastic option. It’s not free but does offer a 60 day trial. It enables you to identify your most influential pinners, most engaged users and compares your brand’s influence to your competitors.

Why should you care about this? You can show your appreciation to your best followers. This will potentially result in them promoting your boards to their followers more frequently meaning greater exposure for your content.

Pinfluencer also offers a promotions platform that can be hosted on your website. You can choose specific entry requirements such as following your account, hashtag use or number of pins from a specific website.

Take Action

Choose one of the tips above and implement it now! It’s too easy to read a post, think I’ll do that only to read 20 more and never take action.

Make your commitment in the comments.