7 Targeted Tips for Marketing your Website Online


Have website hear me roar. I built it so they will come. Right? Sure. Definitely. Probably. Maybe. Not likely. Where are they? When are they coming? How long do I wait?

Whether you’re planning a new website or have a well established website, just having it there won’t magically benefit your business.  You need to market your website to give it the best chance of bringing the results you want for your business.

Here are 7 targeted tips on online marketing for your website

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is basically everything that you do to get your website to appear in the organic results of a search engine like Google.

  • A website that is optimised for search engines:
    • is built in a search engine friendly way
    • has a lot of inbound links from other websites
    • uses keywords in the copy in the right places.

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Add an optimised Page Title (also called the Title Tag) to each page of your website.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is paying to advertise your website on a search engine results page. In Google, this means appearing in the Sponsored Links section as part of the AdWords program. A well managed AdWords campaign will quickly bring traffic to your website. The traffic is targeted because your ads only show when someone searches on one of the keywords that you have selected.


Start your campaign using only a limited list of the keywords that are most relevant to your ad copy and landing page. Add more keywords later if your daily budget is not being used up.  Don’t just add the full list of keyword suggestions, especially if you budget is limited.

3. Email Marketing

Collecting contact details from the people who visit your website is one of the key things you should include in your website plan.  Decide what information of value you can share with your list of email subscribers and how frequently you will email them.  Include these details on your sign up page, so that you are creating a list of people who are happy to receive emails from you.

Email Marketing Tip

Don’t assume people will remember subscribing to your email campaign, especially if a period of time has passed before you send your first email. Include a reminder of why you are emailing them and where you got their email address.

4. Social Media Marketing

If used well, social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can be very valuable in terms of building relationships, engaging with your target audience and bringing traffic to your website.

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Social Media Marketing Tip

Don’t just push your products or services, aim to share information that is valuable to the people reading it.  Avoid the 7 deadly sins of Twitter.

5. Link Building

Having links from other websites back to yours is a very important part of search engine optimisation. And, it’s also a good way to help people find your website.

Other ways to build links include sharing articles on websites like Ezine Articles, listing your website in online web directories and asking other website owners to link to you.

Link Building Tip

Creating high value web content and sharing it via social media and email marketing is an awesome way to let other website owners know about you and encourage them to link to your website.

Creating and sharing new web content is called Content Marketing, read on…

6. Content Marketing

Content Marketing helps your SEO because each time you create new content you add new pages to your website (which makes it bigger). As mentioned above, it is a key way to encourage other website owners to link to your website. Content Marketing also builds your credibility, encourages people to visit your website and helps you engage with the people that are viewing your content.  You can use social media and email marketing as ways to share the new content that you create.

Content Marketing Tip

Having a blog makes it really easy to create and share new web content. Read more about using your blog for adding and sharing content.

7. Business Partnerships

Attend networking events to meet business owners with a similar target audience to yours.  Brainstorm ways that you can work together to help each others business.  This might include giving them an offer to email to their database that introduces your products or services. (Ok so business partnerships start offline but the good things that come out of them can definitely be included in your online marketing plan)

Business Partnerships Tip

Many of the people that you meet can potentially help your business in some way, and you can help theirs. Catch up with your contacts over coffee to find out more about what they do and aim to uncover mutually beneficial opportunities.

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I hope this is a helpful list of things you can consider if you’d like to expand your online marketing program for your website.  As you’ve read, there is a lot of cross over between the different types of marketing so my final tip is to aim to have a mix of several different but complimentary types of online marketing activities running at any one time. They won’t all work for you and they won’t all work straight away, but over time, by making changes and analysing the results, you’ll know which marketing method gets you the best return on your investment.

Until next time