You need to know about the big change in WordPress 3.7


WordPress has recently been updated to 3.7.

*Record screech*

Uh… what? But it only just got updated to 3.6! What’s going on??

It’s true, this upgrade has come hot on the heels of WordPress 3.6, which is unusual timing for updates to the core WordPress package.

You might have just spent of load of time (and possibility money) to get your site up to speed with WordPress 3.6. So it’s understandable if you’re a bit miffed that they went and did another major update again so soon.

But this new update is actually a really good thing. Hear me out.

Never think about upgrading again

The biggest new feature to be introduced with WordPress 3.7 is automatic updates. This means that you will no longer have to go through any rigmarole to update the WordPress core every time an update is released. Instead, it will automagically update itself in the background, leaving you to focus less on the technical mumbo jumbo, and more on your awesome content.

This feature means that the model of backing up and upgrading has changed. Since WordPress will update itself, it has become even more important that you keep regular backups of your site. That way, if something goes wrong with an update, you can have peace of mind.

I would strongly recommend that you install an automatic backup plugin on your WordPress site. There are a few tools out there, and they will back up both the database and files of your WordPress site, ensuring that no data is missed.

A backup solution like Backup Buddy will automatically look after backups for you, so you can just set it up and relax. Backup Buddy isn’t free (it costs $80-$150, depending on how many sites you have), but you should consider that money an investment in your site as you won’t need to pay for another backup or upgrade. Other options are VaultPress and ManageWP (for a monthly or annual fee).

Less focus on updates, more focus on backup.

So here’s the nitty gritty

  1. If you don’t already have a backup plan, get one.
  2. If you already back up your website, think about using an automatic backup plugin.
  3. If you already have an automatic backup plan, go ahead and upgrade to WordPress 3.7, sit back and make yourself a drink. You won’t have to worry about backing up and upgrading ever again!

A special deal

If you need help with this final push into the land of automation, I have a special deal for you. I am offering a backup and upgrade package for $50 per site. For this price, I’ll back up your whole website, then run the upgrade. I will also resolve any issues that may occur with the upgrade, leaving your site ready for you to dive right back into it.

If you need help setting up Backup Buddy to manage automatic backups from now on, I can also help with that! For another $50 per site (plugin price not included), I’ll help you set up Backup Buddy to automatically back you up.

This will be the last upgrade you’ll need to pay someone to do for you: after this it’s all automatic, baby!

If you want to take advantage of this package, email me at to arrange it! This offer is only valid until December 31, 2013. Get in quick!