How to Develop the Super Blogger Muscle. The 21 Day Writing Challenge.

Develop Your Super Blogger Muscle
Just 1000 words a day for 21 days and you too will look like this!

Who has time to blog? As if we need one more priority in our busy lives!

There will always be a reason why you are too busy to blog, it doesn’t matter if it is kids, studying, long hours at work, inconsistent routine or just being tired, there will always be a reason!

I have been toying with the fantasy of writing a thousand words a day for some time now.

This daydream teases me with the 3 books, 310 blogs & 3 products that my imaginary productivity would make possible every year.

I had a conversation yesterday with Ulrike from Momentum Partnerships on productivity, she shared that it only takes 21 days to form a habit.

Only 21 days!

So we took up the challenge to write 1000 words each day, every day for 21 days, aiming to build the muscles of a super blogger and writer.

The reality for me is that 1000 words tends to take me between 45 minutes and 8 hours depending on how distracted/focused I am at the time.

(I am of course aiming for 45 minutes!)

My strategy includes:

    • Making time to write first, before I get into the swing of the day
    • Turning my phone and laptop to airplane mode
    • Using the Lift application on my iPhone to check in each day
    • Sharing the challenge with my peeps (including you!)

And of course… letting my competitive nature play out!

I will keep a mini diary of this experience and share with you an update each week over the next three weeks. If it only takes 21 days to develop a new habit then I should be a super blogger in no time.

What 21 day habit would change the way you do business?

What new habit would give you super powers?