Building performance skills for online video (and how to avoid the pasted on smile)

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference!

Video just happens to be shaping up to be the next biggest thing in online marketing!

So, how do you get anyone who sees your videos to do what you want them to!

Wouldn’t you like to know that your face-to-face video performance convinces anyone who sees your videos to take action?

It’s a lot easier than you think to create simple, cut-to-the-chase engaging content for your website videos; content that will connect with your clients and customers. And simple is the operative word.

Successfully working to camera is about understanding how to use a simple set of rules and techniques.  I’ve already talked about the techniques for looking like you’re talking directly to the person watching and connecting with them.

Sure, you say, but I don’t know anything about video.  I don’t know how to do it.  I don’t know what I’m going to say…and I’m terrified of looking silly!

I’m here to take the pain away!

Read on for a simple little technique that really does the trick.

Presenting on video is very different from sitting across from someone.  What’s missing when you’re facing a camera, is the warm energy of that immediate person-to-person engagement.  However, when you’re on video you still need to look like someone who’s having a warm and connected conversation. You need to replicate the same level of interest and excitement on-camera that you feel when you talk to someone one-one-one about your business, your skills or your product.

I’ve talked about looking like a pro in your video by understanding how to use pace, volume and energy and I’ve talked previously about the digital medium being what I call a ‘cool’ medium.  So, you need to find techniques for warming it up.

So, now I’m going to talk about something to add to your little bag of tricks, that will make sure you connect to that one person you’re talking to; ‘smiling’.

Okay you say, that sounds simple enough.  And it is, once you know how!  So let’s talk about how you achieve it.

Before we begin, here’s the first, tip.

Avoid this.  The pasted on smile!

I know it’s common to feel nervous in front of the camera but you can’t look nervous.  Looking friendly is essential and a smile is definitely part of that but if you’re scared on the inside and try to help it by grinning on the outside, it will always look phony.   You’ll actually find it very difficult to sustain as well.

The only kind of smile that will work, is the one that genuinely comes from within. You know how to do this.  You do it daily, when you’re talking on-on-one with someone and telling them about something that excited you, whether it’s personal or about your business, service or products.  When you’re passionate and excited. you naturally smile from within.  You actually can’t help it.

When you’re on video you need to engage in the same way.  You need to be totally connected with how good you feel about whatever it is you’re talking about, so that it crosses that ‘cool’ digital medium and connects in a friendly, engaging way with your audience.  The best way I’ve found to do this, is to ‘turn on’ the warm energy in your body.

Here’s the technique that works for me.

The first thing I do to help myself achieve this is to engage my core muscles.   If you don’t know where they are, they’re the muscles between your waist and your groin and when you engage them you’re actually gripping them.  Don’t forget to breathe though!

Try it now to see what it feels like.  First, place your feet at least hip width apart, engage your core, begin speaking from your passion and a love for what you do.  Don’t forget you’re talking to a person who wants to engage with you, so you need to transmit your message through your eyes as well, as though you really are talking with someone.

Now, if I’m not mistaken, something wonderful will most probably be happening.  You’ll be smiling, not a big grinning smile, but just enough lift in your cheek muscles to create the warmth you need.  Even if you’re not actually smiling, you’ll be feeling more connected to what your saying…and that will cross that ‘cool’ divide.

For those who’ve taken the plunge already into video and created the right marketing and buzz around their personal brand, product or service, the success stories are phenomenal.

There’s absolutely no need to spend thousands of $’s on video production with all the bells and whistles, when the casual relaxed, face-to-face techniques that I teach and recommend, will have you talking directly and confidently to camera and looking fabulous.

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Remember one of the catch phrases for today is, “We’re no longer in the business of selling.  We’re in the business of connecting!”