Why You Should Be Using NoFollow on Your Blog

No follow

No Follow Links – what are they and how should you use them? For bloggers, the world of Google algorithms is important even if you have no idea how it works! Unfortunately Google has no idea if you are innocently doing the wrong things, so there are no kid gloves. Like most bloggers I have been … Read more

How to Get Organic Traffic by Predicting the Future (and Proof that it Works!)

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If you’re interested in getting “free” organic traffic to your website, you’re probably already familiar with the strategy of blogging regularly, doing keyword research and using the keywords strategically in your articles.

That is proven to be an effective approach to getting organic traffic but in this article I’m going to show you a way to get organic traffic which doesn’t involve any keyword research. Instead, it involves knowing your niche well and predicting what your target audience will search for.

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5 SEO Keyword Mistakes That Still Happen Way Too Often

SEO Keywords

I’ve been in business in the online marketing field for nearly five years now (yes, it’s crazy how time flies!). When I started out my thinking was that in five years, the web-world would be quite different. But in reality, although the style of websites has changed, and Google’s algorithm has changed, the fundamentals of a good website are unchanged. Particularly when it comes to strategic use of keywords.

Yet for many websites, strategic use of carefully chosen keywords is still the missing link. So, if you haven’t yet had time to consider your keywords and where to use them on your web pages, or you’ve considered it but not yet taken action, then read on. Today’s article is for you!

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Please stop telling me how bad my website is! This is why…

Please stop telling me how bad my

I’m sure you’re getting them regularly.

Relentless emails from supposed SEO and online marketing service providers who claim to have reviewed your website.

Basically, the emails are telling you how bad your website is in order to try to create a need to use their services.

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Grassroots Revisited: Star Articles from the Past 12 Months

star articles

A review of our most popular articles from the past 12 months that you won’t want to miss, covering topics related to web copywriting, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, SEO, blogging and more.

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