Building Brands like Branson – How a cup of Tea will get you PR

Cup of tea

How a cup of tea and a little planning can save you time and money. When you’re a new business owner it’s so so easy to get caught up in the excitement of your new business.  You’ve got the best idea in the world and you just know it’s going to change people’s lives and … Read more

Web peeps share: Our Favourite Tools Right Now

The world of apps and resources changes so quickly that every once in a while we quiz our Web Peeps on what they are finding most useful. Dropbox Karen, Belinda and Serena all dig Dropbox! Dropbox gives you the ability to copy of all of your chosen files online. This means you can give access … Read more

3 Ways To Write Useful Subheadings That Will Draw Your Readers In Like It’s The NY Times

woman reading newspaper

woman reading newspaper

Web usability doesn’t sound very sexy.

And writing web content for your readers isn’t always easy. One of our biggest challenges is to write content that is read and understood by web visitors.

I recently wrote a post about how to organise your web content to accommodate different online reading patterns. The key is for people to quickly digest the information you share with them and for your readers to read your content with ease.

One way to do that is to break up your text with subheadings. Well-written subheadings in well-organised text help readers to get a quick overview of the page and make the information less dense and more readable.

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Which Websites Do You Subscribe To?

Following on from our Web Peeps article on Which 3 Tools Could you not Live Without, this week we’ve got another round up of useful snippets of information from our Web Peeps.

Due to the Content Marketing revolution there are now so many fantastic websites and blogs available which freely provide quality information on any topic that you can image.

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