Have you Got an Hour to Give?

This article introduces the children’s charity Children’s Promise. ┬áSerena and I are both happy to support this charity by helping with their website and by promoting their appeals, and today we wanted to share their good works with you.


It’s true that our website is about all things internet strategy and online marketing. And it’s only rarely that we share an “off the topic” article. When we do go off the topic, it’s because Serena and I both believe in doing good things when you have the opportunity.

We both believe in the good work that Children’s Promise does,so ┬átoday we wanted to let you know about their cause.

If you’re looking to make a tax deductible donation before the end of the Australian financial year on 30 June, and you’re not sure who to donate to, consider supporting Children’s Promise. They are an online charity, which is completely automated to reduce overheads. And they have no staff, so most of the donations received are given away!

For their end of tax year appeal, Children’s Promise is asking you to donate one hour of your annual income… or more if you like.

They are aiming to raise the modest amount of $5000 to support their children’s causes.

You can use their calculator to work out what an hour of your time is worth, or find out more on their donations page.

If you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know.